“I transferred to her around 36 weeks, because I loved her vibe, the way she educated & then supported my decisions. She was truly an answer to prayer for me. She’s very respectful & has a wonderful blend of professionalism & down-to-earth friendliness My birth & recovery with her was amazing (my 5th baby, all with different care providers, so I know what to look for in a great midwife). She took great care of all our medical needs, questions & concerns.”
~Natalie (Layton) Homebirth
“Her greatest strength is that she can be what you need, there’s no judgement, you will never feel uncomfortable. She is whatever you need in any given situation, when it called for a coach, she was the coach, when it called for reassurance she intuitively knew to do that, in a moment of panic, she was clear and level headed and knew what to do. If you’ve ever wanted to approach birthing differently but are scared of all of the “what if’s” she brings a delicate balance of experience and bedside manor and insight into whatever type of birth you’re having and you’ll feel safe and secureWe encountered 2 situations that would be scary to most. One involving baby and one involving mommy, in both cases she snapped into action and was ready if x, y or z were to have happened, she was ready. She really cares about you, she really cares about your baby.”
~ Kevin, husband of Erin (West Point). Had two home births with Heather!
“This birth was different for me since it was more emotionally challenging with my family circumstance, and I couldnt have pictured a better midwife than Heather to give me the emotional support I needed!! She also gave me confidence in my body’s ability to birth.. she was all around fantastic.”
Melina (Salt Lake City) Last minute switch in labor from birth center plan to a home birth!
“Heather as my midwife for two of my pregnancies and in one delivery, she is very professional, friendly and respectful in all the decisions I made”
~ Erica (Huntsville)  Heather was her midwife for two different birth center births. 
“Heather was the perfect combination of the medicinal world and the holistic/natural. She worked with us constantly to make informed decisions that we all could feel comfortable with.”
~ Chelsea and Ben (Provo) Gave birth in BYU Student Housing.
“The experience we had with Heather was amazing! This is our first baby so we had a lot of questions, fears and doubts. We found in Heather not only our midwife but a friend. We felt comfortable to share with her those things we were going through and she answered our questions and gave us the tools we needed to enjoy the pregnancy and especially the birth. So by the time Maxi came we were confident it was going to be a beautiful experience. It was a sacred moment!”
~ Carolina & Tate (Salt Lake City) Happy with their water birth at home.
“Heather was very balanced in her approach.  We appreciated that she provided us with information, encouraged us to do our own research, and accepted our decisions.  When our baby was significantly overdue, she was reassuring yet also helped us to access the testing we desired and the options available.  We are highly satisfied with the care we received.”

~Meg (Bennington, Vermont) Proud and grateful to have birthed an 11 pound baby boy at home




“I loved the way Heather really listened to what was going on with ME, not just my pregnancy during my prenatals. Sego Lily was such a good fit for our family and we were thrilled with the way our birth and post partum unfolded. If we decide to have any more children, Heather would be our midwife, hands down. I have total confidence in her ability and her bedside manner is fabulous.”

~ Brooke (Pawlet, Vermont) Mother to Four Farm Girls

Brooke Prenatal


Being able to have a home birth was the most amazing experience.  Heather is a great midwife and I felt safe and comfortable with her care.  She is both personable and professional.  She cared a lot about my health and the health of my baby and was diligent about the details.  As Heather would say, “I’ll take care of all the details, all you need to do is chill-lax.”  Thank you Heather!!”

~Cheryl (Mendon, Vermont), Creative Stay-at-home Mom of Two

Baby Davis

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