i love being a Utah midwife

I have been working out of my Sugarhouse home office and delivering babies born at home in and around Salt Lake City.  I am also supporting Heather Wayside RockerChris Miller, a busy midwife up in Ogden at her birth center – Arrivals Birth Services.  We hold clinic on Thursdays, seeing 15-20 prenatal women and newborn babies who have chosen either birth center or home birth.  It is a beautiful site and I love working with Chris and her clients.  I studied under Chris when I was a student many years ago so I was elated when an opportunity arose to support her practice and collaborate.

Chris is a non-licensed Utah midwife, which allows her to deliver twins and breeches and allows women expanded choice when it comes to some obstetric issues.  Her experience level and volume of deliveries between Utah and California is impressive.  She originally studied under physicians in California.  It is a good time in my clinical practice, after some years under my own belt, to learn some new tricks from Chris.  I am blessed to have the privilege of working with her and covering her practice.

My license requires me to abide by the laws and rules set forth by the Utah Department of Professional Licensing.  It also allows me to legally carry and administer lifesaving medicines.  The model of licensed and non-licensed midwives is a dynamic one and one that greatly benefits women and babies by offering greater choice and flexibility in their birthing options.

I am accepting 2015 and 2016 clients in and around Salt Lake as well as working with families who are located closer to Chris’ practice in Ogden.

I recently delivered a baby of a woman who came to me around 37 weeks pregnant.  It helped that she had her complete medical chart and diagnostics for me to review ahead of her first prenatal visit and I could quickly confirm that she was a good low-risk candidate for home birth.  She delivered a beautiful baby near Layton in her 38th week of pregnancy.  It is really never too late to consider switching care providers.  In most instances, women should view themselves as consumers and clients rather than “patients” with a medical condition and shop around for the care provider who is best suited to deliver options right for them.

Call me at 802-282-2782  or email segolilymidwife@gmail.com to schedule a free consult in Salt Lake or Ogden.

~Heather Whitley, CPM, LM