Chiropractic in Pregnancy

chiro pregnancyI am a Big Fan of Chiropractic care.  My four children have received periodic adjustments throughout their lives for persistent runny noses, the rare ear infection and rough-housing or football bang ups.  A few of them have never been to a medical doctor.  A good adjustment can preventatively keep the spinal fluids moving freely, the nervous system operating efficiently and contribute to overall immunity and good health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic care is associated with greater health and well being and has not been contraindicated in pregnancy.  I recommend chiropractic care to my clients who are experiencing common pregnancy-related back pain as the rib cage expands, the pelvis loosens due to the pregnancy hormone relaxin and breasts and belly expand placing pressure on the pelvis and spine.  I also refer women to chiropractic care for the following special situations:

* Breech fetal position near due date.

* Dysfunctional prodromal labor patterns.

Using an adjustment called the Webster Technique – balancing the pregnant pelvis, Chiropractor Katie Pinkus of  Pinkus Family Chiropractic has repeated success turning persistent breeches near term, allowing us to continue on with our home birth plans.  Breech babies may not legally be born at home with licensed midwives in Vermont.  Therefore when we uncover a breech during routine prenatal care, we work really hard to invite baby to turn vertex (head down) as we approach the due date.  Normalizing the stressed pelvis invites the baby to adopt their natural head-down position in the womb.  Results are always confirmed via ultrasound the day following the chiropractic adjustment and fetal position monitored closely heading into labor.  This simple non-invasive balancing technique has saved countless women across the country from invasive medical practices and surgical births.  I hope to someday encounter an OB/GYN in my community who will advise women of this important low-risk option.

Additionally, I have had a few women who have had “false” or prodromal labor for days at a time.  This can lead to exhaustion, frustration and sometimes medical intervention.  In such scenarios upon routine vaginal exams, I sometimes feel that baby’s head may not be presenting well on the cervix or not applied to the cervix at all, causing an exhausting, irregular contraction pattern.  A chiropractic adjustment and counseling on specific stretching patterns of contracted or constricted supporting muscles can eliminate the dysfunctional pattern, allowing the baby to adopt a more optimal position for descent and negotiation of the pelvis.  Sometimes this simple technique can kick labor into the gear it needs to bring a baby forth.

I’m grateful for the chiropractors in my community who are trained and interested in serving women in the childbearing year.  They have been an important resource for my practice.