Spring 2020 Practice Update!

It’s been four years since I’ve entered a blog post?! That’s how busy I’ve been! We are in the middle of (or hopefully emerging from) COVID-19 lockdowns and distancing. We are functioning 90% of normal with some clients or incoming consultations continuing to choose TeleHealth visits or video calls. We just delivered our first client defection from a hospital birth plan due to COVID-19 policies and have another due.

We’ve moved into a bright and larger new space in Sugarhouse which is filling my soul every day I go to the office.

Student midwife Stephanie Tyrell has been attending births and many clinic days for the last year. She has been an incredible asset to the practice. She is soon moving into her Primary or Phase 3 advanced student phase of her journey.

We have tripled our client load from a year ago which we are equipped well for. We have excellent collaborating midwives for times when we have a couple women due close to each other. I currently have two clients in care who are having their third pregnancy / birth with me. Thank you for following me from other practices into my own the last several years!

We have just taken in our first 2021 baby. Some 2020 periods are full. We have babies due every month except October at the moment. Take a trip or wait for late to care calls?

We are the only clinical site in Salt Lake offering Sneak Peek gender testing with a blood draw as early as 8 weeks pregnant! Send your friends! Do not need to be a birth client to access this. $149. https://sneakpeektest.com/early-clinical-baby-gender-blood-test/

I am excited about the practice and the clients on board for the second half of 2020! Despite the COVID-19 mess, it has been a good year for us sofar.

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