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*Click Here!* Short Film Sego Lily Waterbirth 2018

Click link above for a short film of one of our amazing & typical water birth’s at home in 2018.

For many women, this is a life changing experience! We’d love to help you accomplish it.

As we just took over the former ‘The Birth Center’ facility – below is current pricing for home and birth center. Returning clients inquire about prior historical pricing.

Sego Birth Suite Package $6300

Home Birth Package $5600

Ask about exclusive prenatal home visits inside Salt Lake County for $7000. Outside Salt Lake County $8000. *This is where we drive to you for your prenatal visits. Based on availability and location.

Includes:  routine lab diagnostics, one ultrasound, midwifery model of prenatal care, access to midwife between visits, one home visit at 36 weeks, use of pool and birth supply package, two home postpartum visits and routine newborn screens, one office postpartum visit, birth certificate filing and Social Security card. 

 Our medically-recognized imaging is performed in the Sego Lily Midwifery office or a partner location by experienced techs and radiologists. Your midwife will provide you with our complete Financial Agreement ahead of your initial prenatal visit.  Utah requires a Newborn Metabolic screen (you may decline under religious exemption), hearing screen and CCHD (heart) screen, which we will perform.

We offer comprehensive maternity and pregnancy care for low risk women.  Routine pregnancy lab work is included. Non-routine labs will be direct billed to you/your insurance separately by the lab.  Home births are attended by midwives and skilled attendants.  Complete prenatal care includes: monthly pregnancy visits weeks 8-28, bi-monthly pregnancy visits weeks 28-36 and weekly pregnancy visits weeks 36-birth.  We are on call 24/7 for you starting week 37 until 72 hours after you give birth or transfer to another provider. We provide medically recognized ultrasound imaging by skilled technicians and radiologists. Typically, the 20 week anatomy scan is the primary imaging performed / recommended.

Routine postpartum care includes a visit to your home at 24-48 hours postpartum to perform state mandated newborn screens and look in on the mother, a second home visit including the second metabolic newborn screen and well-baby and mother check-up at 7-14 days post birth, and a final office visit 6-8 weeks post birth.  We offer and perform standard diagnostic screening / testing to newborns including CCHD (heart screen), hearing screen, metabolic screen, weight checks & birth certificate filing. If bedside bilirubin checks for jaundice are indicated, these will be billed separately. If you opt to employ pediatrician care during this time to perform testing and newborn checks, this visit schedule may be reduced or modified but will not be prorated from the global fee.

Payment Schedule: $975 non-refundable deposit to reserve your due date, accomplish labs, ultrasound and care to 28 weeks, with another $1925 (home) or $2300 (Sego Birth Suite) payment made on or before your 28 week visit with the balance to be paid in full by 36 weeks when we bring the pool and supplies to your home at your home prenatal visit, offer/perform another routine diagnostic, and go on 24/7 call for your birth for several weeks.     

*Ask about discounts for returning clients, or those with history of out of hospital birth*

Water birth included!  Below is the Birth Pool in a Box we provide.


Most midwives including Sego Lily Midwifery do not direct bill insurance carriers.  Some clients have had success receiving reimbursement from their carriers and we can provide you with an itemized / global bill upon request. We can provide you with necessary global service codes. You are responsible for submitting itemized claim to your insurance. We do not employ a billing service that itemizes care.

For those without healthcare insurance: Consider Community Health Share Organizations such as: Christian Healthcare Ministries, Solidarity*, Liberty Health Share and Samaritan Ministries have been consistent payers. *Solidarity recently provided clients with full reimbursement in December 2021 and we are in their system. 

Clients have received in-network rates with Blue Shield California & out-of-network provider rates for BCBS Regence, UHC and Cigna with clients historically receiving reimbursements. *Call your insurance early to verify benefits and provider coverage and contact Heather for her NPI number. We support your effort to the best of our ability as a courtesy, but it will be your responsibility to interface with your insurance. Coverage is unique to each plan and seeking reimbursement is not easy or guaranteed.

Clients may pay with their HSA/FSA

Credit Card and Venmo Payments

We gladly accept cash, check, VENMO, ApplePay or credit card payments.  Cash/Check is preferred method as there are no fees to the practice.  We are open to accepting Crypto in forms of: Bitcoin or XRP and is accepted/not accepted at the discretion of the practice based on market conditions. 

Doula and Monitrice Service

$900-1400 based on availability and location

Our staff offers labor and birth coaching/support in and out of hospital settings.  For women who may not be candidates for home birth care but who want home birth experienced attendants in their hospital birth experience, our skilled birth attendants will serve as non clinical labor coaches while deferring clinical responsibility to your chosen maternity care provider. Our monitrice support is strongly recommended for first time vaginal birthers and first time non-medicated birthers, even at home.

Midwife Companion Online Course

For women seeking hospital birth experience but want online access to the Sego Lily Midwifery model of care, access the same information our clients get in the office along your pregnancy journey for $89.

Childbirth Education Classes

Currently referring to HypnoActive Birth and Mighty Mama Movement   . We are also happy to negotiate private classes with Sego Lily practice staff.  Strongly recommended/ required for first time vaginal or first time non-medicated birth clients and VBAC candidates.

Postpartum Doulas

Skilled assistance in your home for the first days and weeks after birth.  Support with breastfeeding, light chores, newborn care or entertaining siblings briefly so mother can rest. *Based on availability * Fee customized based on need and estimated / requested time.

Breastfeeding Support

Skilled midwives specializing in lactation consulting come to your home or our office in the first days/weeks postpartum offering breastfeeding support, tips and strategies for problems at the breast.  Why go to the hospital for lactation consultation in those first fragile days postpartum when we make house calls? $75-150/hour. We refer clients to credentialed Lactation Consultants for more complex cases.

Placenta Encapsulation

Stave off postpartum depression!  We refer out to local placenta encapsulation services.  Prices vary based on level of service and provider. Typical range $150-300

Birth Option Education / Consultation

This is a free informational service to educate you on your many wonderful birth options in Utah and may include processing of your prior birth, if you would like.  This is a complimentary office visit or phone consultation. Text us during business hours to schedule an appointment or call.

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