Breckenridge Brody

In January I brought forth my fifth child.  That makes three boys and two girls…

It is always hard but really fun and rewarding being the midwife of a midwife.  I had two Vermont midwives and my own intern, Brooke, attend my home birth.  Oh – and my two daughters aged 14 and 8  were there! The girls did great!  Cassidy (14) was very involved with the actual water birth while Harleigh brought me cold washcloths for my forehead.

It was a long labor and birth – kind of like a first time..although it was my fifth.  He was a BIG boy, weighing in at 10lbs 4oz.  The midwives were highly skilled and reassuring when I floundered at the end.  The old “running start” position was envoked to bring his shoulders.  I was glad when he was born and I could now claim victory over all of my own births.

IMG_3992 Breckenridge Brody   “Breck Brody”

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