Salt Lake City Midwifery

It’s been a busy 2016! In addition to my Salt Lake City midwifery practice, I have been a provider at Birthwise Maternity Care in Layton, UT since March of this year.  In the practice there are three CPMs and an RN and between us we are handling between 60-90 clients a year as well as some GYN care.  In this busy practice I am known to clients and providers as “Whitley” as there is another midwife named Heather and we wanted to keep things clear for people.

Birth wise offers birth center and home birth services.  I’ve enjoyed working with the women and clients there very much and have enjoyed working around other midwives to learn how they do things.  Midwifery, like life, is one of those things that you realize the more experience and knowledge you obtain, the less you actually know.  Humility and willingness to learn from one another is a keystone to success and progression in this profession that should last one’s entire career.  The busier we are, the more we learn how to work with a variety of personalities and clinical situations.  I’ve enjoyed it.  It is one of the more medically-minded midwifery care services I have worked in and I’m grateful to incorporate current evidence-based clinical care into my own practice.  I love the electronic charting and plan to move to this in my own practice very soon. I currently work a full clinic day in Layton on Mondays and take call much of the week.


I have maintained my osego-officewn small midwifery practice in Salt Lake City, opening a cute office in Sugarhouse inside the Midwives College of Utah office located in Sugar House.  Here I conduct prenatal and postpartum visits.

Please call 801-556-1483 for a free consultation or to discuss all the wonderful pregnancy and birth options we have in Salt Lake!