The Office Clinic

We moved Spring 2020! Loving our bright new space!

Meet with a midwife in our Sugar House office located 1709 E 1300 S, Suite 206, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109. Frequency of prenatal visits match community standard of care for obstetrical care visits.  We see you monthly from eight or twelve weeks (or as early as you wish to come in after discovering you are pregnant) through 28 or 30 weeks, bi-monthly until 36 weeks and then weekly or more frequently until delivery.  One home prenatal visit is customary around 36 weeks.  Two home visits in the first week after birth to perform state mandated newborn screens (WellBaby Visits) are included as well as two office visits at two and six weeks postpartum.  Utah licensed midwives are skilled to monitor normal healthy newborns in the first weeks of life.

Informed Consent, Informed Choice and client education is our priority regarding any diagnostic opportunity and option available to you.  Complete diagnostics and prenatal imaging may be requested by Sego Lily Midwifery  and performed for you in our location, at your home, at a partner clinic or physician’s office.

When clinical signs point to something outside of normal for midwifery care, we refer for consultation with physicians and/or Maternal Fetal Medicine at highly regarded facilities such as University Hospital and IMC.  The professionals in these facilities have worked well with Utah licensed midwives to form collegial consultative relationships to help close the circle of care for women choosing or exploring out-of-hospital birth.

If a need arises during your course of care to transport in a more urgent manner, the closest emergency facility will be utilized.  In any transports during labor or immediate postpartum, the Sego Lily Midwifery staff will work toward a smooth transition of care and remain with you through the transport and transition and provide charts, labs and clinical details related to your history and care.

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