*Click Here!* Short Film Sego Lily Waterbirth 2018

Click link above for a short film of one of our amazing & typical water birth’s at home in 2018.

Prices are approximate and include most routine diagnostics with the exception of imaging/ultrasound read by radiology which we will order and provide in the office for approximately $160, or we will order at your preferred facility if your insurance covers.  Our medically-recognized imaging is performed in the Sego Lily Midwifery office or a partner location. Your midwife will provide you with our complete Financial Agreement for more specific details and itemization of fees. Utah requires a Newborn Metabolic screen which we will perform. Utah will provide you with the special chemical paper for approximately $115.Your midwife will give easy instructions on how to obtain. 

Complete Maternity Care, Midwife Services, Home Birth, Postpartum Visits $3500.  

Ask about exclusive home visits around greater Salt Lake area for $4000. Dependent on availability and location.

We offer comprehensive maternity care for low risk women.  Home births are attended by licensed midwives and skilled attendants.  Complete prenatal care includes: monthly visits weeks 8-28, bi-monthly visits weeks 28-36.  Weekly visits weeks 36-birth.  Additional care, visits and diagnostics offered during weeks 41-birth.  We provide medically recognized ultrasounds and imaging read by radiologists for $160 or we can order through your preferred facility for your insurance to cover.   Postpartum care includes two visits to your home in the first week.  We offer standard diagnostic testing to babies including CCHD, hearing screen, metabolic screen, bedside bilirubin checks for jaundice, weight checks & birth certificate filing.  We generally ask for a $500 deposit to reserve your due date and begin care, with another deposit being made by your 28 week visit with the balance to be paid in full by 36 weeks.  We offer a clear refund policy for transfers out of care before the start of labor with care provided itemized.

Water birth included as an option!  Below is the pool we bring. 

Doula Service

$750 based on availability and location

We offer labor and birth coaching/support in hospital settings.  For women who may not be candidates for home birth care but who want more out of their hospital birth experience, our midwives and skilled birth attendants will serve as labor coaches while deferring clinical responsibility to your chosen maternity care provider.  *Call or email for availability

Childbirth Education Classes

Group or private classes.  Strongly recommended for first time birth clients and VBAC candiates.   We combine Bradley, HypBirth and Birthing From Within methods in our custom childbirth education class geared toward natural birth.  We may refer out to our peers based on your location and schedule.

Postpartum Doulas

Skilled assistance in your home for the first days and weeks after birth.  Support with breastfeeding, light chores, newborn care or entertaining siblings briefly so mother can rest. *Based on availability

Breastfeeding Support

Skilled midwives or interns specializing in lactation consulting come to your home or our office in the first days/weeks postpartum offering breastfeeding support, tips and strategies for problems at the breast.  Why go to the hospital for lactation consultation in those first fragile days postpartum when we make house calls?

Insurance Billing

At this time, we do not direct bill insurance carriers.  Some clients have had success receiving reimbursement from their carriers.  Christian Healthcare Ministries and Samaritan Ministries have been consistent.  Clients often pay with their HSA cards.

Credit Card Payments

We gladly accept cash, check, VENMO or credit card payments.

Placenta Encapsulation


Stave off postpartum depression!  We can either refer out to local placenta encapsulation services where your capsules are prepared off site, or get you started – if you are a homebirth client – with preparation and dehydration.  Prices vary based on level of service and provider.

Birth Option Education

This is a free informational service to educate you on your birth options in northern Utah.  This is a complimentary office visit or phone consultation.

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